Whether your needs include private dining, off-premise deliveries or anything in between Caterease is the perfect solution for your busy restaurant. With customizable screens and wizards and incredible print designing tools, Caterease is the only program flexible and powerful enough to handle your event planning needs.

Restaurants That Use Caterease

Caterease Features That Are Perfect For Restaurants

Online Bookings
Allow customers to quickly book parties online, with completely custom web forms that live on your company’s website.
Detailed Menu Management 
Track all details about a party’s menu – including custom chef instructions, optional recipes and item cost and profit.
Staff Management
Easily manage shifts and staff for any event, with selection wizards tracking how many employees are necessary and which ones are available.
Customer Portals
Let your customers review party details, post payments and communicate directly with you and your team through a handy, easy-to-use web portal.
User-Friendly Design
Familiar tools and step-by-step wizards make data-entry a snap, allowing you to book and edit parties easily with no repetitive typing.
Flexible Reports and Queries
Track all private dining details quickly and easily through flexible, quick-access reports and customizable query tools – managing forecasts, yearly sales comparisons, cost & profit evaluations and more.
Tai Pett
4 Star Restaurant Group

“Everyone is always so helpful and I love the program.”

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